Interactive RetroFlow

A fast, fun, light-weight flowcharting program

Example Charts

Interactive RetroFlow can export charts in PFD, SVG and TXT formats. PDF format is good for printing and for electronic exchange. Large charts which are to be printed can be exported as a multi-page PDF and thus glued or taped together to make a single large finished chart. SVG format is good for embedding in documents or in web pages, and can be scaled after the fact. Text format is mostly for fun, but it does work.

Example 1

A small flowchart in PDF format. Because PDFs can't be embedded in a web page you will need to click the link to see the example chart.

Example 2

A medium sized flowchart in SVG format. The chart is shown directly below (assuming your browser supports SVG format). Clicking on the image will take you to the full sized SVG.

Example 3

A medium size flowchart as a single-page PDF.

Example 4

A large, complicated flowchart as a single-page PDF. This is not a well organized chart because it was developed in the process of attempting to understand a not well organized program. It is, however, a good example of how Interactive RetroFlow can handle large charts and a good example of how the self-routing lines work, even in situations where they have to travel a long way.

Example 5

The same large flowchart, but this time as a four-page PDF.

Example 6

The large chart in SVG format.

Example 7

A small chart in TXT format.

Example 8

An organization chart in PDF format.